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Bark & Mulch

Our range of Bark & Mulch products


Euchi Mulch

Euchi Mulch is a popular additive to your soil as it has a number of benefits. It reduces evaporation of moisture in the soil, decreases weed growth, insulates the soil and enhances the presentation of your garden. Euchi Mulch does not fade and will keep its honey colour but will break down quickly. It is always good practice to loosen in up every few weeks as it will tend to bind together. We can deliver any amount from 1m3

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Pine Bark

Pine Bark is a dark coloured mulch made from the mulching of the bark of the tree. It provides good insulation for your soil and id good for weed suppression. Pine Bark helps to regulate soil temperature and retains moisture. Sold by the cubic metre. We deliver any amount from 1m3.

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Leaf Mulch

Leaf mulch is the product of mulching the whole tree except for the roots. It is a great way to give your garden that natural look. It retains moisture and is a weed suppressant. We sell it by the cubic metre and can deliver any amount from 1m3 

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Soft Fall

Soft Fall Mulch is a fine mulch of a dark brown colour. It is certified under Australian Standards and most commonly used by schools and pre-schools and also in community parks and playgrounds. It can also be used in the garden and is much like a pine bark but is screened down to roughly all the same size. We can deliver any amount from 1m3

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Pine Chip blonde

Pine Chip (Blonde) is a long lasting rough cut wood chip with a bright natural colour. It is long lasting and a good insulation for your garden. This product will help with the suppression of weeds. We can deliver any amount from 1m3.

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Pine Chip (Red)

Red Pine Chip is dyed a distinct red colour and is great to add that bit of colour to your garden. It is long lasting and rough cut. It is recommended that you add a small layer to the top each year to ensure the bright vibrant colour. This mulch is a good weed suppressant. We cand deliver any amount from 1m3



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